I love painting murals big and small! I paint murals on buildings, inside buildings, for communities, businesses and private clients. I love the challenge that each individual space presents and I feel like I learn so much from every piece that I paint. I can work from my own designs, to a brief and with communities to design co-created pieces. If you are interested in discussing a potential mural for your home, business or community please get in touch at hello@lunalotus.co.uk.
Venture Through The Seasons Community Mural Luna Lotus 2021
Autumn Owl chestnut mural Luna lotus
Winter Robins Holly Mistletoe Mural Luna Lotus
You Will Shine When It's Your Time Mural Luna Lotus 2021
Everything Is Temporary Mural Luna Lotus Existential Art
Chosen Hill Churchdown Mural Luna Lotus 2021
Telephone Box Magical Moth Queen Luna Lotus
Queen Moth Life Cycle Luna Lotus
Sleeping Tiger Mural Luna Lotus Cheltenham Paint Festival 2020
Psychedelic Eye Mural Luna Lotus Cheltenham Paint Festival 2019
Psychedelic Eye Luna Lotus Cheltenham Paint Festival 2019

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